Club fees

The Club's membership rates are extremely competitive, and we offer a range of subscriptions to tailor your needs. Our prices are below; once you have picked a membership category and method of payment that suits you, find out how to pay. The How To Pay page will explain how you can transfer the payments to us.


Under 18£156£39£13
Over 60£192£48£16
Family *See below for details
Country **£156£39£13
Services ***£192£59£16


Visitors: £10 per visit ***
* Under this offer, one family member pays the higher annual rate and then adds just £60 p.a. for each additional family member. For example, a brother and sister both U17 would pay £216 p.a. (£156 first child + £60 second child); an adult and their two children would pay £412 p.a. (£252 adult + £60 first child + £60 second child).
** Country membership is offered to infrequent visitors. It is an annual rate, entitling the holder to 2 visits per calendar month (any additional visits will be charged on a visitor basis).
*** Serving members of the Armed Services (Army, Navy, Air Force) or Emergency Services (Police, Ambulance, Fire Brigade). Will require service number and sight of justification by RFC committee member. For anyone eligible for this tariff aged over 60 is £169 p.a.
**** Payment of Guest fee is deemed an acceptance of the Rules of the Club.