Reading Fencing Club

Building on the success achieved so far

We are one of the largest fencing clubs in the UK with members that fence at levels from beginner to GB Internation.
It also has a great social atmosphere, perfect for those just wanting a bit of fun and exercise away from the gym.

Interested in learning to fence?

Courses available for beginners plus one-to-one lessons for advanced members.

Our beginners course is open to people of all ages from 9 upwards. It is a structured set of 10 lessons over 10 weeks that will finish with taking the internationally recognised Grade 1 Épée Assessment.
The courses are suitable for complete beginners and cover the basic fencing skills and even the more advanced techniques ranging from tactics to sports psychology. It will put you in perfect shape for joining the club as a fun member. Training does not finish there, one-to-one training with our dedicated coaches is available (at additional cost) plus junior sessions and footwork classes that are free to RFC members.
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Join our club

The club is open to everyone

The club meets twice a week all year round at Blue Coats School in Reading.
Wednesday is the main club night with around 12 pistes for adults and 2 pistes for juniors. One-to-one lessons are available with our dedicated coaches. We are also connected to PBT and other fencing businesses which provided discounted equipment.
Once a month our club runs a competition so you can see how you are improving. The club regularly attends a variety of junior and senior level competitions around the country.
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Recent Course Graduates

Coaches and staff

The people who work to make Reading Fencing Club the best in the region

It is no co-incidence that Reading Fencing club is the best in the region. Our club of 100 members is run by ex-international fencers of all ages.
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Health benefits of fencing

Some of our fencers are going well into their 70s!

"Fencing is an excellent sport to improve lower body strength and speed, as well as hand-eye coordination, fencing also develops agility and flexibility and is probably most similar to many of the martial arts in terms of the collection of skills it requires."
Jason Rogers, Olympic Silver Medalist