Cost of kit

Cost of kit

We recommend that you do NOT buy any equipment until you need to i.e. end of the intermediate course, and when you do, there is some useful information in ourMembership Pack.

While you are a beginner we think you ought to take advice from coaches or other members making any decisions. We have a discount arrangement with PBT which is run by Ian Briggs who coaches for the club. If you order from a different manufacturer, then make sure you phone them first and ask if you can get a discount as a member of Reading Fencing Club!

As a parent or as a prospective new member you want to know "what it's all going to cost". So here is a rough guide to the prices at PBT as of June 2012 (prices may of course vary). As with all sports manufacture's prices will vary.

Adult breeches43
Adult jacket63
Adult under plastron (800N)41
Junior breeches29
Junior jacket45
Junior under plastron (800N)34
Mask (350N)58
Electric épée52
Épée body wire13
Basic glove15
Basic sausage bag15

The MOST important items you will need are breeches, épée body wire and electric épée.