Reading Fencing Club's branded kit

We will have a range of newly-designed RFC clothing available to buy. Clothes include:T-shirts, hoodies and track suits.

Buying new kit

The Club and many of its members buy their kit fromPBT UK, speak to Ian Briggs, who is a coach and regular. Reading Fencing Club members also get discounts at many of the UK's fencing equipment suppliers, so always remember to ask!

Secondhand kit

Ian Briggs handles all the second hand kit, see below for details.


Second-hand kit is a sensible option for anyone new to the sport, who has fast-growing children, is looking for a good deal, or a combination of the above! Whilst the Club does not hold on to second-hand kit itself, Ian Briggs does. Ian runs PBT UK, and you can see his profile in the Coaches section for more info.


If you have any unwanted kit, then see Ian Briggs at the Club and he will do his best to sell it on for you at a reasonable price and you can hopefully get some money back.


Another option for unwanted kit is to give it to the Club, if you think it can be used or our beginners can make use of it. If you're interested, speak to Alain on a Club evening.

Repairing kit

Colin Barbasiewicz wrote a comprehensive guide to repairing your own equipmentwhich is well worth a read if you intend to keep up the sport.

Rewiring service

The cost of the re-wire service is £5, for which the blade must be taken apart, with no point in the barrel, before being handed to us. Extra £5 if a member wants us to put an épée together and you will need to provide all the relevant bits and pieces for this (e.g. guard, handle, socket).
Repairs of any other nature are not done by RFC. If you require assistance then we can recommendPBT UK.