How To Pay

How To Pay

Every now and again you will need to pay us money. It could be for subs, kit or your deposit for the Christmas party. Here is a list of acceptable methods. If you can't use one of these, contact a committee member to discuss an alternative.

Standing order

Download and complete a Standing Order Form, and either hand it to an RFC committee member or pop it into the local branch of your bank.

Online payment

Use the details below to set up payment with your bank either online or over the phone. In the reference field of the payment order please use the following format so we can easily tell the payment came from you: "WHY your name". For example:
SUBS Obi-Wan Kenobi
XMAS Qui-Gon Jinn
BBQ Skywalker family
BEGINNERS Inigo Montoya
Sort Code30-91-11
Account Number02493258


You may also wish to pay via PayPal, or via most credit/debit cards. Just click the logo below and follow the instructions.

Single Membership

Payment options:

Family Membership

  • One adult at full price (£26/month)
  • One child at full price (£26/month)
  • plus other family members (£5/month).
  • £ 0


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